Learn how to Hydrofoil

Learn to hydrofoil or wingfoil with us, we make it easy:
  • We start with just learning the foil on the electric hydrofoil.

  • If desired, we take you on the boat to learn powered waterstarts without needing the sail.

  • Then we transition to your sail of choice: kite or wing.

  • We have flat water with deep to shallow water available, depending on your level.

  • Our rescue boat will keep you safe and your instructor close.

  • We use radio helmets for a constant learning experience.

  • Once you’re ready, the instructor will be on a kite following you, teaching you advanced maneuvers.

Our instructors are IKO certified that have extensive Foiling Experience in all conditions, from flat water to swell. 

We have developed the steps necessary to make learning how to foil as simple as possible. Our high-quality gear will have you flying over the water effortlessly in no time.

With our single strut kites from 5m-9m and 3 strut kites from 13m-17m we can get you out there with almost no wind up to 20 knots. We have the equipment you need to learn how to wing foil easy, from different wing sizes to mast lengths.

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