Easy learning conditions

Flat and shallow conditions, lots of open space, no beach goers and ride in ANY wind direction!

It typically takes half the time (and money) to learn to ride in shallow water compared to deep water.

You are completely surrounded by water and there is much less danger of injuring yourself or people around you.

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Private instruction

Safe One-on-One instruction. When you are learning with us, you have an instructor beside you every step of the way with at least one support crew on the boat, in case you need assistance.

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We give you enough time to ride

We don’t rush you out of your lesson. All kiteboarding lessons are 3 hours of training in the water, but will last about 4hrs considering time for arrival, set up and pack up.

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New gear

The latest -up to date – is high end Kiteboarding Gear (Cabrinha 2021).

We teach you only on new stuff to keep you safe and advancing fast. We do not teach with old or worn out gear that endangers your safety and slows down your learning progress.

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Water gear

Your personal water wear such as wetsuit, life vest, booties and harness is included in the lesson.

We recommend that you bring sunglasses with a strap.

(Available on board, simply ask your captain if you would like to purchase one – $15  &  $25 pairs available).

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Radio helmets

With our 2 way radio helmets you instructor can communicate to you at all times and correct you real time.

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Dingy Rescue & Assistance

With our inflatable boat we are there for you to assist or rescue  you if drifted downwind or lost your board.

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Boat Charter

Comfortable Luxurious Boat Charter parties, with water toys available upon request, to Various Miami Sandbanks on our spacious new Regal 2700 ES.

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Drinks and snacks

Complementary drinks, snacks & water bottles on board.

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Best Quality Kiteboarding lessons in Miami, South Florida.

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