Frequently Asked Questions

If you ask any experienced Kiteboarder, they all will tell you the same: learn on shallow water, you will learn much easier and faster.

Good conditions make the biggest difference when it comes to learning.

You will learn at a much faster speed and a lot easier than at the beach where the water is deep and the waves interrupt your progress. Being able to stand while you learn allows you to have much better control of your kite. When you start riding, if you fall off your board, you don’t have to body drag and waste half of your lesson looking for it between waves while swallowing tons of salty water. Shallow water will save you time, money and unnecessary struggles.

Wind in Florida is good and not too strong, making it ideal for very manageable lessons, it is much safer and less tiring for learning.
From September through May it is windy in South Florida. During the summer months (June-July-August) we are closed as the wind becomes low and unstable.
Lessons are possible on 10+ knots, and here at SFKB, we are proud to provide you with the specialized light wind gear, so you don’t have to miss out on sessions when the wind is on the lower note.
Due to safety and IKO regulations, we do not teach on 28+ knots.
Sunscreen, sunglasses with a strap (PlatinumSun floating sunglasses available for sale on board), wetsuit and booties (we will provide for you complementary if you don’t have), rash guard and leggings for protection.
Average annual water temperature on the coast in Miami is 80°F, by the seasons: in winter 74°F, in spring 78°F, in summer 85°F, in autumn 82°F.
Depends on the season of the year and your tolerance to cold. During the warmer months you will be good on 3/2, but might now be enough for the colder ones.

We recommend 4/3 to average all months or a neoprene jacket to go over your 3/2.

Lessons that are canceled by us due to wind or storms are fully credited or refundable.
Ask your instructor to assess your level during your lesson, then simply text or email SFKB to request your certification. You will receive it via email.
Yes. On Weekdays, parking is available with a parking pass anywhere inside the marina. On Weekends, limited parking with a pass OR use our convenient valet parking. If parking with a pass, you MUST park at the gravel area on the left, immediately after you turn into the marina. If you will be needing a parking pass please let us know ahead of time.

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