What makes Stiltsville such a great kiteboarding spot?

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Simply the best conditions for anyone to learn kiteboarding safe, fast & easy.

Butter flat & shallow water, with so much open space and clean wind coming from the sea, good in any wind direction.

Experience the most incredible views & sunsets, as you look at the many starfish on the bottom while you cruise over the water.

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Stiltsville is not only beautiful, it’s is also filled with history. The colorful houses were built in the 1930s, times of the prohibition. This area was “the place to see and be seen” while visiting Miami.

Accessible only by boat, rules were easy to be ignored. The many stories of illegal alcohol and gambling cost several raids.

By 1960, there were 27 of these structures, but weather and hurricanes took their toll and now only seven houses are still standing.

Contribute to the park’s preservation

As a contribution to the park’s preservation, South Florida Kiteboarding donates a percentage of every lesson given at Stiltsville.

If you love nature and also wish to donate, please do so directly to: https://www.biscaynenationalparkinstitute.org/keep-biscayne-beautiful-campaign/

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